3D Stereoscopic

3D Stereoscopic movies Production Studio.
Visualize Real 3D images with polarizer or 3D Glass.
The main reason why stereo cinema is likely to work this time around is because we have unprecedented control over the precise alignment of the left and right images.

3D Yantram Entering in 3D Stereoscopic Movies making. 3D Stereoscopic Studio first time to provide a unique and innovative style of projects seeing to for Latest technology in this time film, Video, Movie, Game Virtual Tours Making companies.

We will visualized you projects with your thoughts and ideas in such realistic way with Real 3D by that you can view how the property look and how you real feel of your property like after competition of real 3D work. These new technologies are creating a new market for stereoscopic 3D movies and games by 3D Yantram. 3DYantram is regaining popularity due to newly acquired digital control.

Explains VFX supervisor and 3D workflow expert . This is coupled with dramatically improved digital projectors that can now run at frame rates high enough to ‘flash’ both stereo images from the same projector using a fast moving polarizer or 3D glass . Combined with newer technology in glasses, all these things help produce much better 3D effects by 3D Yantram.

How to Yantram 3D Stereoscopic visualizations work

When we view the world we get two different images into each of our eyes. This difference is defined by the different positions of the two eyes. This distance is normally 65mm for men, 63mm for women, and clearly less for kids who have an average distance of about 51mm. If we average this data we can call it 64mm, which is generally assumed as the average. This distance between one’s eyes is called the average human intraocular distance and without it we have no stereo 3D effect. That’s why 3D 3d stereoscopic studio enter in real real Stereoscopic 3D effects and show our expertise in Stereoscopic Image. It is much easier to achieve artificial stereo with fully animated 3D footage, as a second camera can be placed in virtual space a nominal constant distance from the original camera. In fact, programs such as render man have this built in so that the second camera’s render, if done at the same time as the primary camera, will not even take as long to render as the first camera. On average, this second render would add only a 10-15% overhead compared to Stereoscopic Rendering just one camera.

Yantram 3D Stereoscopic Animation studio is known for Skills with real/stereo effects of fastest turnaround time in this Globe animation industry. Visualize your construction / Architectural projects with real/stereo 3D effects before constructive them help of 3D Yantram.