3D Jewellery Design - Modeling

We are excited to provide a revolutionary service to the jewellery industry.
Computer aided design and manufacturing has finally broken the barrier and is now being used as a custom jewellery design tool.

Key Benefits of 3d Jewellery Designing :

• Design/approval turnaround time can be as soon as the customer reads their e-mail.
• Wax models are much cleaner and more precise, resulting in quicker finishing and setting times.
• Customers are more comfortable seeing a 3D design with the stones in place than a wax model.

Our 3D Jewellery Designer specialize in custom any designs, from sketch or even a picture, as well as the latest technology using cad-cam to better fulfil your needs. We will work from a sketch or Cad drawing to provide your company with what you need to stay ahead of the competition.