Solid Work Services

3D Product Design, Modelling & Animations Design Studio.
Yantram Engineering Group has always based its 2D design graphics capabilities in the AutoCAD format.

Solid Work Services

Yantram Engineering Group has always based its 2D design graphics capabilities in the AutoCAD format. With the addition of Solid Works to our design capabilities, we are on the cutting-edge of equipment and process designs. Solid Works offers what Yantram believes are the products most requested by the company’s clients.

Data ManagementAnalysis Products
Secure AccessTolerance Stackup
Revision ControlSimulate Welded Structures

Environmental services include:

Part Modeling Large Assembly Management
RealView Graphics 2D Drawing Creation
Advanced Surfacing Data Translation
Sheet Metal Design Tools Design Reuse
Weldmen T Design Bill of Materials
Assembly Modeling Part Validation
Assembly Motion Design Automation of Repetitive Tasks

Solid Works Outsourcing
We have full services for almost all your 3D modeling outsourcing requirements.

Solid Works 3D Modeling Services :
Yantram offers quality 3D Solid Works Outsourcing services. Our 3D designers provide you with the best quality Solid Works Modeling services.

Outsourcing 3D Modeling Services :
Our team can assist you in re-creating hi-quality, detailed, true 3D model of your mechanical part from your 2D drawing. Our Experts can create your product concept from 2D drawings to an intelligent digital prototype utilizing various 3D softwares. We can use AutoCAD and Solid Works.

Solid Works Stress Analysis/FEA
By offering Solid Works 2008 in the list of AUTO CAD software, it has also allowed us to perform FEA on our designs via its integrated package. Our Solid Works experts currently conduct limited FEA themselves but more sophisticated requirements are undertaken in collaboration

Solid Works Electronic eDrawings
Solid Works also produces excellent electronic engineering drawings that can be viewed in color and animated by anyone with PC access in the project team.

Solid Works - Photo Works Rendering
The bolt-on Photo Works and Animator components of Solid Works Pro 2008 3D CAD software allows us to produce photorealistic photos or animations of complex designs, giving our clients the opportunity to electronically generate new 'Virtual products’ for sales and marketing purposes etc before any form of manufacturing is undertaken.

Benefit from our experience.

With help from Yantram, you can:
• Use our 3D CAD software to its fullest potential.
• Reduce design time and Design better products.
• We can bring your products to market fast.
• Reduce costly product development overhead.
• Reduce rework and scrap.

Solid Work Includes

- Part Modeling
- Real View Graphics
- Advanced Surfacing
- Sheet Metal Design Tools
- Weldmen T Design
- Assembly Modeling
- Assembly Motion

Basic Solid Work

- Large Assembly
- Management
- 2D Drawing Creation
- Data Translation
- Design Reuse
- Bill of Materials
- Repetitive Tasks